Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-16

  • Obama looks tired. #
  • McCain actually looks rested and really good in a dark suit and tie. #
  • @intrepidteacher Nice area that is. #
  • Does McCain keep repeating himself on purpose, or is he losing it under the pressure? #
  • Great comeback, Barack! #
  • Yes, McCain is repeating himself and beginning to slur his words. Not a good sign . . . #
  • @christiepooh Very scary . . . #
  • If McCain really understands how much the American people are hurting and angry, he would quit the race and get out of Barack’s way. #
  • McCain sounds like he will take his ball back and go home. #
  • Can McCain interrupt any more???? #
  • Yes, I am sure McCain has not been happy with Obama rally folks–there are more people who are passionate than at his own. #
  • @gminks Plumbers are skilled workers . . . #
  • @fleep at least he stays in character . . . #
  • Is there a moderator for this debate? Seems nobody is in charge . . . #
  • Go Barack — deflate McCain’s nasty and misleading attacks. #
  • Wasn’t the only thing that held Iraq together as a single nation instead of 3 groups Saddam himself? How soon McCain forgets. #
  • 45 immediate additional nuclear power plants??? Where on earth will all that money come from? Oh yeah, the $750 billion . . . #
  • @gminks I know; interesting it iw always a man’s name. Perhaps McCain is forgetting about his own running mate? #
  • Isn’t Joe the plumber in a union? #
  • “Gold-plated Cadillac”? Yes, McCain is living in the past . . . #
  • Wonder if that car still has those nifty fins in the back? #
  • Good god, is that the same old Cadillac with the botched abortion in the back? #
  • @gminks Very good point. You can afford it if you sell one of the 7 houses. Oh yeah, most people do not have that many. #
  • Ohhhh god, McCain just said we have to change the culture of America. Is this the “You young whipper snappers” stuff I hear? #
  • McCain just said that education is “the Civil Rights issue” of the 21st Century. Hmm, finally something I agree with . . . #
  • Obama – “They left the money behind with ‘No Child Left Behind.'” Quite clever. #
  • I blogged about our upcoming #multimembership discussion. Will begin talking more about it this afternoon. #
  • @RobinYap yeah, especially with those rather worn sandels . . . #
  • Anybody see the #FOC08 blog post I made today
    about our miniconference on #multimembership #
  • I just spoke about our upcoming #FOC08 and #SCoPE #Multimembership discussion on our Google Group #
  • @shirleyearley So how is that for reflective practice! #
  • @SarahStewart Don’t wait — MAKE it happen!!!!! #

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