Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-15

  • @BronSt When you get that answer, by all means share it (and bottle it for use later . . .). #
  • @mbogle Mike, you are filled with wisdom and Buddha-like peace tonight. #
  • @bdieu Lyotard is one of those folks whose thinking has changed my life. I hope to visit his grave the next time in Paris. #
  • @mbogle Yes, welcome to the wonderful world of work. Hey, when it gets to that point, just remember that it pays the bills. #
  • @SarahStewart The project is a research project we are creating at work. The one at NYU is for the research class I am teaching in two weeks #
  • Enjoying dinner and waiting for an Irish Coffee and pudding au chocolate. #
  • @SarahStewart Thank you, Sarah. #
  • @mbogle You mean things are not exactly as they seem online?! So much like the F2F world after all . . . #
  • @marudelcampo Thank you! You will hear more about them on Twitter and on my blog #
  • @mashable Endless useless drabble, or like the wonders in a large museum with recently unseen galleries and treasures? #
  • @intrepidteacher Sending you good vibes #
  • @coolcatteacher Its all in the communities of practice and collaboration; librarians and media specialists are no longer only about 1 on 1. #
  • @rchalc Hope you share it here. #
  • @howardgr Welcome back to the City That Never Sleeps! #
  • @rchalc Wonderfully collaborative. #
  • @intrepidteacher Where in NYC? #
  • Am rebranding myself (at least my blog). Will appreciate your thoughts and suggestions: #
  • Need some fresh air. #
  • Watching a game of petanque in Bryant Park. #
  • I wish the bride and groom much happiness, though I can assure the Twitterverse it is not I. #
  • @macboyx or by having my dogs with me, a nice fireplace, and a staff to take care of it all. #
  • About to review some CIQ results. #

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