Managing Multimembership in Social Networks: Upcoming SCoPE & FOC08 Discussion

While I have been trying to catch up with my electronic life, some times it takes something a little more proactive to help move the issue along. As a teacher, I learned long ago that the best way to learn something is to prepare and then actively teach it.

Nothing could be more professionally and personally useful, then, than the upcoming SCoPE and FOC08 discussion I am co-facilitating: Managing Multimembership in Social Networks. Working with my colleagues Sylvia Currie, Bronwyn Stuckey, and Sue Wolff, we have all struggled with this in our lives, and thought that sharing our experiences and what we learned may in fact benefit others or at least raise more questions in the process (hey, what else are educators for?)!

Sylvia has summarized our intentions, and in the true spirit of community I will point interested readers to her work and will not reinvent the wheel (round, turns, already works, and the like). I will thus add one thought–how will we have time to prepare to coherently discuss this?

Ironic given the topic, isn’t it?!

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