ECUD Progress from 9/28

So, what did I accomplish from my Email Catch-Up Day (ECUD) list yesterday?

Now, for the items that remain:

  • achieve Inbox Zero–I have only 10 emails remaining that need attention–97% complete
  • file all the papers in my desk’s “pile”–I did not begin this–0% complete
  • finish reviewing the readings and my lesson plans to finish my slides for Tuesday’s Online Course Creation class–I reviewed the readings and am about 50% finished with my slides for tomorrow. The remainder of them are floating around in my mind; just have to drop them into PowerPoint–70% complete
  • upload the lingering photos to Flickr from ASTD and Central Park that are sitting on my desktop –I did not begin this–0% complete
  • read (or mark as read) all RSS feeds–I am about 75% complete with this

Pretty good progress, I think. Let’s see what I can complete tonight after work (and after 2 teleconferences when I get home). I think that making public % of completions may help . . .

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