Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-09-11

  • @abalone I just subscribed to everybody in #CCK08 who listed themselves as having Twitter accounts #
  • @pinoyboy That beats smelling of skanky bleach and roach spray. #
  • Wow, almost 1:00 already. The day is flying!!! #
  • Finished final meeting of the day. Now I can at last get some work done. #
  • Listened to the Connectivism #cck08 call from yesterday that I missed #
  • Have a #CP2 book discussion planning meeting this evening. #

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12 thoughts on “Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-09-11

  1. @carla arena

    Isn’t it much better that we enabled community in this context instead? Perhaps that is part of the essence in community–working together for some common end?

  2. True, Jeffrey! That’s exactly what community and collaboration is all about, and I’m still amazed by the generosity of the people I meet online. I should be used to it as I’m part of the most generous group I’ve ever met, the Webheads, but still it amazes me! Thanks again! Great to have connected to you.

  3. @carla arena

    I know what you mean, Carla. I am only now, after being online as both teacher and learner, starting to realize the power of networks and online social collaboration.

    I have seen the Webheads and explored some of their work, but thought they were primarily a community supporting language teaching; is that the case?

  4. Not really, Jeff! They are mainly educators from all kinds of background. Yes, there are many language teachers, but we tend to talk about education in general and test new tools and approaches in different pedagogical settings. It’s a wonderful group to be around!

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