Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CCK08) Online Course Preparation

Are you one of the 1800+ people who will be participating with the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CCK08) online course that George Siemens and Stephen Downes are facilitating and formally begins tomorrow?

Want to watch a short online introduction to the course? Click the image to see it:

connectivism course intro

4 thoughts on “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CCK08) Online Course Preparation

  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    I’m the Continuing Education Guide at, a New York Times Company, and I blogged about you today after finding you in my Google Alerts. Just wanted you to know.

    Btw, you’re superhuman!


  2. @Lynn Tveskov

    It promises to be an intersting experience. While the class has just begun, I already like the resources that have been gathered together. I am saving them all to tagged as #cck08.

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