Book Selection for “Online Course Creation and Instructional Design” Class

I have finally selected the texts for my Principles and Practices of Online Course Creation and Instructional Design course that begins in another month. They are:

  1. Anderson, T. (Ed.). (2008). The theory and practice of online learning (2nd ed.). Edmonton: Athabasca University Press.
    The book is available printed or free via download at
  2. Harper, D. G. (Ed.). (2008). Education for a digital world: Advice, guidelines, and effective practice from around the globe. Vancouver: Commonwealth of Learning & BCcampus.
    This book is available free via download at

I reviewed countless printed and physically published works, and all of them lacked something or another. I found the Anderson text via searching online, and the second one was referred to me from one of the authors, Sylvia Currie.

Let the teaching and learning adventure begin!

theory-and-practice-of-online-learning1Education for a Digital World

2 thoughts on “Book Selection for “Online Course Creation and Instructional Design” Class

  1. @Christiana
    The global aspect is something I am beginning to appreciate more and more. With online education and community, there really is no longer any distinction between global or local. I am hoping to make this one of the themes in my teaching of this course.

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