Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-07-18

  • Just bought some music on iTunes. 3 songs from Tears for Fears. #
  • “Fast off to heaven just like moses on a motorbike.” #
  • ABBA “Super Trouper” on Sirius 3. Never was one of my favorites; but, the costumes! #
  • Cool, Randy Jones (The Village People) is the ABBA DJ right now. Small world. #
  • Depeche Mode Personal Jesus, “Someone to hear your prayers, Someone who’s there . . . Reach out and touch faith.” #
  • Sirius 36, The Beat. #
  • Donna Summer I Feel Love. Sirius 37. The Strobe. #
  • @gminks Remember those cool outfits they wore (or am I showing my age??!!). #
  • So, that is who sings “Get Dancin'” — Disco Tex & The Sex-O-Lettes. Who knew? #
  • Quick, who sang “Born To Be Alive?” #
  • Beep. Times up.
    Answer – Patrick Hernandez #
  • Abba #
  • Faster Kill Pussycat. Oakenfold. “Better wake up this sleepy head,
    Big old world pass us by.” #
  • @gminks I just posted a link to one of their more, err, outrageous sets. #
  • @gminks It was the ’70s, I suppose. #
  • Just posted a few Announcements in Blackboard for my Project Management for Training class. #
  • Abba’s Chiquitita reminds me of the life of Frida Kahlo. #
  • @phdaisy The best for tomorrow!!!! #
  • Seems the “Nudge” feature in Twitter is not working. #
  • About to go into the first of the 5 meetings I have at work today. #

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