Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-07-17

  • Hellboy II was very entertaining. Wonderful effects. #
  • Does a small popcorn, small Diet Coke, and box of Milk Duds really have to cost $13 at the movies? #
  • @smithjd How about Flexible Upload, Twitter Tools, and Subscribe to Comments (all 3 WP plug-ins I use)? #
  • Trying to clean out some of my Outlook email. I was doing so well with Inbox Zero. What happened??!! #
  • Very hot and humid outside already. #
  • @skydaddy Enjoy it there. I think of it as good weather to make apple martinis and sit under a fan. #
  • Late for an appointment. #
  • Spent the morning reviewing a workstream in a large project. Due dates are approaching! #
  • I ordered scented markers at work. Yumm. #
  • Long day. Have to bring project plans home to finish. #
  • Smelling incence sold on the street while on the way home. #

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