Text Appears in Reverse Order in Internet Explorer

My text typed into Internet Explorer looked odd. It typed right-to-left, beginning from the left. Virus? Too many martini’s? A stretched cache? Temp files gone amok? A computer joke?

No, a known problem caused by depressing the <Ctrl> + the Left Arrow Key.

How this happened I do not know, except these keys are next to one another on my laptop. What is more significant is the terms I had to enter into Google to finally find and troubleshoot the error: “typing right to left,” Internet Explorer words right to left,” “type right to left Internet Explorer,” and so on.

What was the combination I used (in Firefox, as Internet Explorer was not allowing me to type correctly at all)? I finally hit upon “internet explorer text right to left”

What are the lessons learned, especially in terms of adult and organizational learning?

  1. If it is out there, finding the right technology search string will find it. Keep plugging away and expand the possible terms by trying to get into the mind of some unknown author.
  2. Have alternate ways of searching. If I did not have Firefox installed, I would have been trapped and unable to escape (at least using my own computer).
  3. Be patient. Getting upset and more frustrated will not help.
  4. Technology has some unusual quirks, and it sometimes requires finesse and stretching to make the most of it.

This makes me more aware and sympathetic to many adult learners, who often struggle away on whatever assignments and expectations we give them without, at times, the skills and abilities to work through the tasks at hand. Should learning be so much of a puzzle? Do we (me?) expect too much at times without assistance? What is the balance between andragogy and pedagogy?

I think the right search terms may not give the answers–this happens through experience on all its levels.

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