Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-07-07

  • Made coffee, and trying to get going again after a long holiday weekend. #
  • I took Thursday off, though it seems the office was in full-swing. #
  • Off to the dentist. Need two fillings for receeding gums. #
  • I needed an additional set of shots at the dentist. I felt the air and drill after only one on each side. #
  • @ChrisRicca Looks like an interesting application, Chris. Look forward to hearing more about it. #
  • Now that I can once again feel my chin and mouth, I can eat my planned-for soup. #
  • Getting ready to leave for class tonight. #
  • Off to NYU for PM for Training. #
  • @gsmith I agree with you there, Gene! #
  • At the break in my Project Management for Training class. #
  • Decided to give a Critical Incident Questionnaire to the students at the break to see if their responses will change at all. #
  • Stephen Brookfield would be proud! #
  • @KT_718 Good to see that; now get to class! #
  • @derekcx Probably better than the humidity we have now in NYC. Has wood prices been increasing by you as well? #
  • @KT_718 and, to that point, even when they give the Starbucks surveys attached to the receipts, no more free drinks for completing them. #
  • @KT_718 not to mention I now go out of my way to have a latte from a real pressed espresso machine, and not the Starbucks automatic ones. #
  • @gminks Thank you again in advance! #

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