WordPress Upgrade and into a Vortex

I upgraded my blog to the most current version of WordPress¬†at the beginning of this week, primarily because I was inspired to¬†approach technology with a new emphasis after being inspired by Nancy White’s facilitation skills in the Connected Future (CP2tech01) workshop that is now in its fourth week.

While the upgrade went well, what I did not expect was to get slammed at work and with teaching and preparing for a conference and academic stuff, etc., so that I would need to take a few days off from following my colleagues’ posts, Tweets, and discussions.

As I will not have Internet access over the long weekend, I will instead catch up with everything tonight. Here comes my responses and thoughts!

One thought on “WordPress Upgrade and into a Vortex

  1. Catch up? CATCH UP? What da heck does that mean?


    I still need to install the latest upgrade. You are waaaay ahead of me, dude! Have a great weekend.

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