Sue Simmons Swears on the News. So?

Did you see, or rather hear, Sue Simmons on NBC in New York curse? Take a look:

See what happens with real-time authenticity? Those of us who work with media outlets (including online ones such as a blog or Twitter) never know when things may just come out, as if on their own Who hasn’t done something like this (and if not yet, just wait . . .)!

Is society getting more corrupt? More free? Perhaps values are not even the issue–perhaps the rapidity of information exchange and heightened authenticity? What are some of the repercussions? Dangers? Opportunities? Challenges? Benefits?

I do not think this is an area for concern, after all. Gas just went to $4.03 by me. We are still in a war with no end in sight. The housing market is a disaster. Thousands just died in Myanmar and China. Tibet is imprisoned. The Democrats are (again) destroying themselves. Polar Bears are listed as threatened. Tuition is up.

Need I go on? Sue is a real person. Did we ever expect otherwise?

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