Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-13

  • @abalone What about it (especially compared to PageFlakes)? #cp2tech01 #
  • @abalone Are you exploring independently, or with a partner? If alone, is it hunt and peck, or are you using a more systematic approach? #
  • Doing the final tweaks for my slides for tomorrow (or more specifically), for tonight. #
  • @hrheingold Suddenly see you 8 times in a row. You make nice wallpaper, Howard! #
  • @bevtrayner Travel safely, Bev. #
  • @nnoakes When will we see you join us at #cp2tech01? #
  • @karlastevenson Very cool. Thank you! #
  • @brlamb Let me know when you will be here in NYC. Will buy you and yours a drink of whatever beverage is to your liking. #
  • @maniactive Congrats. I like creating our own celebrations. #
  • @RobinYap I used to do that, but now most people here do not use them, so they stand there talking not knowing I cannot hear them. #
  • @brlamb Travel safely. #
  • Robert Rauschenberg died RIP. #
  • Long morning preparing for Thursday’s project team meeting and steering committee meeting. Lots left still to do. #
  • Waiting for some Goon Mandoo. #
  • Will have to do the #cp2tech01 tool / wave assignment today. #
  • Wonder if the workshop participants of #cp2tech01 are expected to just study CoPs, or to form one as well? #
  • Going to class. #

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