Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-01

  • Preparing a sample lesson I have to demo tomorrow for a possible new class. #
  • @eich0041 Glad to help. Perhaps you can build upon it and share it back with the larger community in turn. #
  • Have a day filled with meetings ahead. Good things I am prepared for them. Now, if only I can catch up with everything else . . . #
  • @eich0041 Go, Matt! #
  • Here goes new workgroup meeting number one for today. #
  • @macboyx What are you teaching today? #
  • @Azania Just added you to my Twitter. Where is your avatar / screen image? #
  • A colleague just sent a Twitter invite to a discussion group list. I have not seen this before. #
  • I am wondering about new possibilities for increasing and encouraging community and communication in this way. #
  • How does this serve to bring similar people together? #
  • @cindybrock Is this a position of responsibility where management and creative thinking will be needed? #
  • @eich0041 Here’s looking at you, kid. #
  • @Currie Grey? Your picture there and here keeps you at a steady mid-twenty-something. #
  • @cindybrock Ask questions about multitasking, prioritizing with no staff nor budget, setting goals for the future, and how he stays current. #
  • Was asked to write a vision, objectives, and deliverables. Do I smell a new project in formation? #
  • @ChrisRicca smells like Vista . . . #
  • @Currie That seems like an oxymoron. #
  • @skydaddy What is the National Day of Prayer? Looked on their website, but thought you may explain it better. #
  • @fncll well-put; well put. #
  • @phdaisy How do you use it to find the most value? #
  • @macboyx That sounds like fun. At least they will hear the mission and vision at least once during their employment. #
  • @phdaisy Only to a B? #
  • Taking a walk during a late lunch. Surprised by how many people are enjoying Bryant Park. #
  • Thinking about how happy I am that I do not have to wear a suit every day. #

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