Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30

  • @aidanhenry Mahalo. I have not heard anybody mention that in some time now. #
  • @eich0041 Which part? #
  • @maniactive How so? #
  • @RobinYap Of course he is doing it for you. You paid him. Ask him what you will get from the extension (and a completed constract is not it) #
  • @kanter Looking forward to hearing your insights and experiences. Till now, have only "read" you! #
  • @fncll I will, I will. With the CP2tech workshop, we are going to have a blog to use for reflection. I will do mine publicly. #
  • What, noon already? #
  • @eich0041 In some of the adult ed / training classes I teach, we discuss the course objectives and how they are mine and not theirs. #
  • @eich0041 It only makes sense then that we collaboratively create the course measure / eval for their final project as well. #
  • @eich0041 We discuss the project and then discuss what they think they should be evaluated on. #
  • @eich0041 This also helps my students to focus their learning while processing their experiences. Fundamentally, it gives them voice. #
  • @scope_community What? #

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