Satyagraha at the Met

I saw the Philip Glass opera Satyagraha this week at the Metropolitan Opera. Amazing vocal arrangements, mesmerizing music, and spectacular though simple sets. Somewhat mythically recounting the early life of Gandhi in South Africa where he developed his philosophy of nonviolence.

The opera was amazingly clever in its use of materials, repetition, and even its singing were phrases of the Bhagavad-Gita in Sanskrit without subtitles (though some English was projected for key effect). I have never been a huge fan of the work of Glass before, but I am now an adherent.


By the way, the New York Times loved it on the day of as well as the day after the premier last week. With the puppetry on a scale I have not seen before on the Met stage, this is well-worth expanding horizons.

Perhaps this was what my colleague Brian Lamb was after with his recent creative mashup expression in the NMC Consortium on Mashups?