Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-16

  • @moritherapy ts Yes, saw Satyagraha live. Was visually spectacular with amazing puppets. Sung in Sanskrit. Hypnotic melody. Saw Philip Glass #
  • Misjudged the time of my first meeting this morning. Not a good way to begin the day. #
  • Just learned that Jericho on CBS was cancelled. Seems CBS has their head in the sand on this one, especially given the writer’s strike. #
  • In my fifth meeting of the day. #
  • Somebody spilled garlic powder on the floor in the conference room. Getting very hungry. #
  • Just heard about an organizational survey where most people wanted time management training and improvement. It was dismissed due to no time #
  • @injenuity I hear it also works well when lightly sprinkled on chairs in toward air conditioning units. #
  • @slmader If I did not hear it from a person who learned this first-hand in a research project, I would not have believed it! #
  • Walking home. Wow it is beautiful outside. #

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