Why I slowed down blogging and started drawing on walls – Liveblogging Nancy White

Nancy White is so engaging, even coming in late to her session.

I was interested in attending her session, but thought it was a little intimidating as I sometimes feel a bit threatened making images and then letting other people see them. Interesting what holds us (or at least me) back. But, rather than stay with something that is not useful for me, I took steps to change and have already found value.

I am already seeing value in this session, as it is pushing me to some of my own limits.

She is now speaking about how images can play a role, especially as she started to limit her inner sensor.

Everybody can draw, and “the whole body stuff” can assist. Use crayons and large paper to write on the wall to enhance creativity. She draws icons and has a wiki page set up for them.

Images have a powerful affect on our lives, and the hand-drawn image has a powerful affect on our lives. She has been collecting more material and resources about visual thinking.

I am always amazed at how I can learn anywhere if given some opportunities and an open-mind. I wonder how I can increase these opportunities and try to learn more?

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