The Blog is Dead! Long live bloggers – Liveblogging Chris Lott

Chris started by asking people what blogs are, and people yelled out definitions. The big question is not the definition, and there are lots of other examples for what they are.

This session is supposed to be a panel discussion, and the panel was seated in the audience, and the discussion about what a blog is and why people use them. The other panel discussants are Alan Levine, Nancy White, D’Arcy Norman, Scott Leslie, Brian Lamb.

There are lots of technologies out there to share our presence. “I feel like to little butter on too little bread,” which is what Chris quoted from the Lord of the Rings.

Somebody discussed how Twitter is a place for following others who “get off” on the same things I am interested in. Interesting.

Twitter is like doodling. Interesting. Use it as an outlet, but always remember that it is being Googled (my comment). D’Arcy and others then discussed how Twitter can be private, so it becomes more of an opportunity to share with a small and more select group of people and colleagues.

We have more ways to have presence, but we also have less people knowing things about us? This is what happens when there are lots of people following us who do not know us.

What is the implication of the disconnect between early adopters to social media and when the mass of people begin using it?

This session seems like a brain dump, and I find it very exciting. I am not sure exactly how to characterize it, but I think that Chris’ comments about his being a post-post-modernist. Like it and find it very valuable. Perhaps this involves reflective practice?

For Chris, the most important things about Northern Voice for Chris is to hear the stories about why people started to and continue doing this.

Excellent! This session is great food for thought. Last year I would have been threatened during this session, but now I have more food for thought.

My conversation with Stewart Mader at the conclusion about the value of reflective practice was very valuable as well.

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