Using Blogs for Progressive Political Change and Agitation

Kathleen Milberry who blogs at Geeks and Global Justice is speaking about her blog and how it is related and integrated into her dissertation research. She stated that blogs are really amenable to political activism.

Marc Lee then spoke about his work at his website, The Progressive Economics Forum. Marc uses Dreamhost and likes it, which certainly is counter to many of the other recent complaints I hear about the host. He finds this useful for real-time commentary, especially for reaching the blogosphere before things formally hit the media.

This session seems to be about sharing what Kathleen and Marc do with their blogs for political and research reasons. As a session in the Unconference, it did not have a specific and formal “point” outside of sharing their work and vision.

Interesting DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) in the US that allows people to contact a domain host to effectively stop people from using stolen content. Somebody stated that people who are doing political blogging should be familiar with this, since people can complain about things and then the host can shut down the domain very quickly.

Somebody just recommended Alex King’s Share This WordPress widget. Will have to check it out.

People are sharing a lot of great Canadian / American concepts and content. What an open group of people with a wide variety of expertise who are willing to share and help one another. This is one of the reasons why I am so fond of Northern Voice!

Kathleen just mentioned that political and activist blogging is a great act of empowerment. That fits so well with my blog name, Silence and Voice!

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