Blogging 101 at Northern Voice 2008

Northern Voice has started with the Unconference today. I will be doing a lot of liveblogging along the way using Windows Live.

I decided to attend Blogging 101, the first of the sessions in Internet Bootcamp. Richard Eriksson of Raincity Studios presented. I decided that I wanted to see the approach that this stream is taking as I will be speaking about Liveblogging 101 later today at 2:00 pm.

Richard just made an interesting comment about adding blog comments. He mentioned that he adds his own comments to his own blog to help make his blog more conversational as well as to add more information

Somebody added a comment about writing about your blog’s purpose, whatever that purpose may be.

Richard then spoke about RSS feeds, and I shared a comment about subscribing to RSS feeds for academic journals. There are a number of academic journals I read (or at least want to see the content that is being published), and I subscribe to them using FeedDemon (which I have used for years, constantly gets better each year, and is now free!).

Richard is giving a good introductory session right now. He made good use of PowerPoint slides, following some of the best practices of having no more than six words per slide. While there are many reasons to use PowerPoint, for a presentation like this the few words per slide is really valuable.

Richard was discussing Event blogging and Liveblogging. He discussed how liveblogging can involve adding date stamps each time a post is updated. I think that may be useful if using a service such as Cover It Live, but that system (with great bells and whistles) is still a little bulky to use.

Twitter is a great microblogging platform, using only 140 characters. I Tweet at Sketchblogging is a concept I am not very familiar with, but it reminds me of Hugh’s work.

Tumbleblogging is something I am not very familiar with, so will have to look into this a bit more later. Mental note to myself.

Now that the time for this is running out, I see that lots of people still seem to have lots of questions. Good to leave a session with continued interest still there.