Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-31

  • What a busy morning. Project workgroup meetings all day. #
  • @pinoyboy Now that would be a niche market. #
  • @jazzychad It is not you, it is Twitter. #
  • Twitter is a wonderful application, but if it is not reliable, it cannot be counted on for business (or even pleasure). #
  • The Twitter folks should raise some VC so they can fix their infrastructure to make it reliable. #
  • This will allow them to really begin to play in the big leagues. #
  • Pardon the business-speak. #
  • @fncll All very true. Very true. #
  • @fncll I wonder if the job is now bigger than the Twitter corporate players can handle? #
  • @fncll Perhaps the problem is that Twitter still misses a corporate worldview, like some developers playing with a cool new app? #
  • @kanter Sending you communication eloquence vibes for your presentation. #
  • Glad Twitter is up again. With all the pent-up Twitterazzi out there, let’s hope the server does not again start misbehaving. #
  • Meetings all day. I need time to now do all my tasks and deliverables. #
  • Will treat myself to pizza for dinner. #
  • Have to get a book on the way home. East West Books called to let me know something I ordered came in. Forgot which one. #

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