Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-16

  • Copying some of the documents for tomorrow. Of all the times I could use some administrative support . . . #
  • Copying the agenda and slides for tomorrow morning’s steering committee meeting. #
  • @nnoakes The link works fine. Great idea! #
  • Finished copying, collating, and even completing my time card. I think I worked late enough tonight. #
  • Now, off to find dinner and then go home. Just to start it all again tomorrow. #
  • Still have to revise some more slides for my class tomorrow. #
  • and walk the dogs #
  • and sort mail and pay some bills #
  • Glad. jury duty is only once every few years. Has been a busy week, and is still only Tuesday! #
  • @ChefMark Have not seen a Jabberwocky reference in some time. Recalls my graduate work in literature years ago . . . #
  • @RobinYap Not sure what profile you are looking for on Twitter. #
  • @randommind I suppose the good lines keep repeating! #
  • @dmcordell Thank you for the good luck. I often begin my business communication course speaking about the connecttions I see between #
  • @dmcordell education and communication. I see them so intertwined I cannot clearly separate them. #
  • @macboyx Thank you for the knapsack reference. I looked at some of the Victoriniox ones. Are those the ones you mentioned? #
  • @brightwings After the week I already have, I am starting to think your bag suggestion is right on target! #
  • @RobinYap Only if I made a living with technology. Alas, I am using it as a memoire / autoethnographic / narrative / liveblogging medium! #
  • Let’s see, what sounds good for take-out on the way home? Perhaps chicken pot pie? It is again cold enough for it. #
  • @pinoyboy That makes sense, now that I saw the racks. #
  • @ChefMark It is so nice to see any literary references at all! Recall the Jubjub bird and beware. #
  • @randommind I found liveblogging about jury duty both patriotic as well as interesting, since I have not seen it done before. #
  • Just got an email that the dates for #PodCampNYC are changing. It is moving from February to April. #
  • It was rather close to the original dates to move it, so I am sure there was a significant reason for doing so. #
  • Got to the office early for a steering committee meeting. #
  • Set up the computer and realized the cord for the projector was too short in that conference room. #
  • Just fonished the steering committee meeting. It seemed to go well. Lots of feedback. #
  • This was our first steering committee meeting, so it was the first time people outside the project team saw our work #
  • They gave us good suggestions and direction for future work, all of which I will take back to the monthly project team meeting next week. #
  • @RobinYap Thank you for the link for the Northern Voice #NV2008 logos. I did not realize they were available. #
  • @RobinYap I did not receive an email or otherwise hear about the new Northern Voice logos. I hope the steering committee promotes them! #
  • In another large meeting for the rest of the afternoon. #
  • Ever have the days with so many meetings, there is no time to do all the work that comes out of the meetings themselves? #
  • Got little sleep last night, and really dragging now. #
  • Need a quad grande skim latte before my class tonight. #

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