Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-15

  • Jury duty again today. #
  • Role call for jury duty. Jeffrey Keefer . . . HERE! #
  • Lots of no answers. Not good. #
  • The fellow at jury duty who calls names and alerted us that 2 people are missing today just said something interesting. #
  • He said that as jurors, we are the ones who stand between civilization and anarchy. I like how his humor does illustrate the important role #
  • Phew, did not get called for that case. #
  • Doing some school work to prepare for my NYU Stern class tomorrow night. #
  • Time to open my computer again. The battery needed to be recharged, anyway. #
  • Wifi is again working in the jury room; at least for the time being. #
  • Thank you for your service. You are dismissed from jury duty. #
  • Hurray. #
  • Back in the office catching up after jury duty the past 2 days. #
  • I just counted and realized I Tweeted 45 times yesterday. Wow! #
  • I am facilitating a project steering committee meeting tomorrow, so came into the office after jury service to pull some loose ends toge … #

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