Liveblogging from Jury Duty with ScribeFire

I have been experimenting liveblogging from my jury duty while using Windows Live Writer, and decided it is now time to expand my horizons with ScribeFire. I have not used this program in several months, if not longer, and it seems there are now some changes to it.

Of course, going to my blog while trying to figure out some of the cryptic and somewhat lacking features of ScribeFire, I notice my blog is not working with FireFox. Instead, it just loads some of my images from Flickr. I wonder what is wring with my new WordPress install, to cause such trouble? I know my blog is working fine with Internet Explorer, but that is something much too in-depth for me to try to troubleshoot while awaiting being called to sit on a case.

BTW, why does ScribeFire call WordPress categories Tags? Where are WP keywords? Why aren’t there easier instructions for using ScribeFire?

Not knowing what to expect, I will try to post this liveblog now, as they indicated they will soon call us for a case.

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