Lifelist 101


Yesterday’s New York Times had an interesting article on the recent increase in lifelist literature, comprising books on the best seller list as well as upcoming movies. I have never really considered the places I should visit before I die (particularly since I no longer agree in the concept of “should”–it┬ábeing a guilt-driven requirement demanded by another person or institution).

Regardless, if I had such a list, what would I want to do or accomplish? Let’s see:

  1. I want to live in France, especially in Provence where I can get inspired by the same colors and scenes that so affected Van Gogh.
  2. I want to finish my PhD. This is another story . . .
  3. Pay off my debt.
  4. ???

Hmm, this list is tougher than it seems. Like Hugh Hefner at the end of the NY Times, I can relate with his statement, “I honestly, can’t think of anything I don’t already have.”

I wonder what other people think about this?

2 thoughts on “Lifelist 101

  1. Jeff,
    You can call me biased, but I would recommend to you to keep track of your lifelist on It is a social site where you can create your own list with some inspiration from browsing other people’s lists and manage it with pictures, videos, and stories as you complete each item from your list. Lee Briggs and I created the site and are currently in the process of checking an item off of both of lists, bicycling across the country. We are in Nevada now and after starting in North Carolina, only have a few days of biking left until we complete our journay.

    Good luck on completing your PhD and paying off all that debt.

  2. Brent, what a great site! Thank you for pointing me to it. I hope your venture is going well, as it seems to fill a much needed niche!

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