My new WordPress blog

This is the first blog post I am making using WordPress. I actually installed the program myself, though not in the 5 minutes the WordPress people promised. If only I can get my previous posts from MovableType to be imported; the directions did not account for the error messages I received. 

5 thoughts on “My new WordPress blog

  1. Thank you, Dave! I believe it is working now. I appreciate your taking the time to comment about this and bring it to my attention.

    I learned that installing WordPress is easy, but getting everything else to work and moved over is quite a task! Now, I just have to find a better background for this template . . .

  2. You know, there are some things I really liked about Movable Type, such as the professionalism of the people at Six Apart, the easy-to-use admin panel, and the money that went behind the continued development of the software. The main problem I had is that I am not a developer, and by the time I moved my site, I could not longer change templates or install plug-ins as something simply did not work with them.

    With all this stated, let me knock on wood that I will not again have similar issues!

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