From Openness to Permeability: Reframing Open Education… An Article Précis

open_walnutHaving taken some time off from my #5Papers summaries (though still reading in the background!), I was moved by Martin Oliver’s thoughtful work on Open Education, and related to my recent attendance at the 2016 Networked Learning Conference where open learning was one of my own take-away points, I wanted to share this in case others may not have seen this work.

1/ I read Martin Oliver (2015) From openness to permeability: Reframing open education in terms of positive liberty in the enactment of academic practices #5Papers

2/ Oliver’s premise is that the concept of openness is under-developed within learning technology

3/ This study explores the many frames in the open education debates as each being value-laden and polarizing

4/ Open education often lacks consideration for how learning may occur once the obstacles are removed

5/ and “learners are more commonly spoken for than carefully attended to” in the open education debates

6/ While highly theoretical and summarative of the recent literature, some empirical data are presented to substantiate concerns

7/ Oliver concludes with openness in educational technology’s failure to engage with wider discourses in contemporary academic practice

8/ and he urges a reframing of openness via relational, networked, and sociomaterial theories in discussions of permeability in education #5Papers

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