Sometimes I know what I don’t know

This poem comes from a week of struggling with Make Cycle #2: Re(MEDIA)te With Me. I have struggled with this topic not so much due to understanding what was asked, but in trying to understand its why. I am not clear why we are asked this. Yes, I know the creative exploration that fits with the spirit of #clmooc itself, but the issue, for me, is how can this work add value? Not value for others, but rather what is in it for me (WIIFM?). Why be creative for its own sake?

Thanks, @Moshie, for encouraging me to grapple with this more!

Sometimes I know what I don’t know

Sometimes I know what I don’t know
and sometimes that is scary,
or intimidating, 
or humbling.
Or all of them together. 
What will they think of me if 
they know
I don’t?
Attention Seeker.
Does it matter what they think,
when I am the one struggling?
Perhaps I am reading in about how 
I think others may feel or believe?
What does this all mean when we learn,
learn in ways that do not follow
a pattern, 
or objective, 
or clear path?
How does trying fit?
What does it mean to try?
When is trying not enough?
That unit done, we are on to the next topic.
Learning accomplished, 
or not. 
Onward and upward or stay stuck?
Sometimes we can remain stuck, whatever the effort, 
though how can we really know best?
Yes, onward and upward it is.

While this poem is not quite ready to be shared, I thought, in the spirit of #clmooc now may be a time if ever there is one!

By the way, this is being posted with a companion, or related, poem, I know stuff, but what do I know?

Would love some feedback . . . .