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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-05-31

Just landed and deplaned. Gods, the airport is busy. Wonder if they are giving away free flights!? # Sitting on the small plane about ready to take off to NYC. These smaller planes have lots of legroom!! # Went through security at Indianapolis Airport. Amazed at how thorough it was. Even had to send […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-05-29

The closing session for #icqi10 #qi2010 just concluded. Will post the blog entry later this evening after the conference-ending barbecue. # I presented my second and final paper on an eLearning Project at #icqi10 #qi2010. Will blog about it and the feedback (with its url) later. # Finally attending a session at #icqi10 #qi2010 […]

Annual Meeting of the IAQI

The ICQI 2010 Conference is now over, ending formally with the Annual Meeting of the IAQI (and the barbecue immediately following). I am the only one that I can see still using a computer, ready to catch and capture whatever leaps out at me, though hopefully no Fighting Illini will appear (hey, I did not […]


Finally attending a session on blogging, hurray!!

Michael J,. Sharpe (American living and studying in Germany) is presenting; he analyzed and studied blog entries in Israeli Settlers in West Bank blogs. fascinating work he did with what he found via his analysis. He found that the narratives of the blog entries revealed something different than […]

Directions in Qualitative Health Research

I am attending a session on qualitative health research, which is often a challenge in the US (as well as elsewhere, it seems). There are a lot of qualitative health researchers here in this conference, especially from the social work and nursing fields. Wondering why so few of these discussions have made their way to […]