Annual Meeting of the IAQI

The ICQI 2010 Conference is now over, ending formally with the Annual Meeting of the IAQI (and the barbecue immediately following). I am the only one that I can see still using a computer, ready to catch and capture whatever leaps out at me, though hopefully no Fighting Illini will appear (hey, I did not make up the mascot).

Carolyn Ellis just won the inaugural Book of the Year Award for her book Revision, which is about meta-autoethnography.

Yvonna Lincoln just won the Qualitative Research Lifetime Achievement Award. Her work (with Egon Guba) Naturalistic Inquiry changed the space for qualitative research, and her co-editor work with the editions of the Handbook of Qualitative Inquiry.

Harry Wolcott won the Lifetime Achievement Award. He was among the first people to engage in qualitative educational research. Wolcott believed that writing should be part of the dissertation, and it should be something that happens every day. His own personal life has become part of the critique of his work, and this opened the door to autoethnography, narratice inquiry, among others.

Serge Hein is presenting an update on the Collaborating Sites Network. Last year there were 86 of them, now there are 106 of them, so the number is growing. A Colleaborating Sites Advisory Committee was formed, the Website Technology Subcommittee and the Website Resources Subcommittee both were created and submitted recommendations. Nice that they recognized those of us who served on these committees (and yes, five of us stood, including your truly!).

The outgoing and new officers of IAQI were recoegnied and thanked.

New business was opened to the floor.

It was announced that the website will be able to have papers or parts of papers or even slide decks to be uploaded, as well as participant contact information to help better link members.

Let’s all off to the MidWest cookout at 7:00! Fine conference, yet again.