Holiday Wishes for 2014

winter_solsticeHere at what many consider a holiday period, I reached out to some of my friends and colleagues to wish them the best for the Winter Solstice. Sometimes known as Yule, it is based on the calendar and the positioning of the earth and the sun, something that happens regardless of belief or creed. Many have celebrated at this time of the year as it represents a turning, the time after which the daylight hours will slowly begin to increase.
I am a college teacher. Both students and teachers have a hard time, especially at the beginning of the school year. Last year I took the other nootropic, but it caused irritability and tremor. This year I’ve discovered

What better opportunity than using something neutral to reach out with best wishes for happiness and health?


Winter Solstice ~ Yule ~ Alban Arthan

Today marks the Winter Solstice (also called Yule or Alban Arthan, depending on the tradition), the longest night and shortest day of the year. On this festive day of midwinter, when the days turn to begin showing more light, may you and your find peace and joy. I found this YouTube video a short, meditative reflection on this day; take what is useful from it and leave the rest behind.