Transcript for #AdjunctChat on 7/23/13

#AdjunctChat – Tues, July 23, 4:00pm EDT

The topic is: “Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that path in your role as an adjunct?
This is the 6th #AdjunctChat.

  1. Today’s topic is: Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that path in your role as an adjunct? #adjunctchat
  2. I want to welcome those who are following along and joining in with our chat today #adjunctchat
  3. Let’s see who is here. Want to introduce yourselves and mention where you are and what you teach? #adjunctchat
  4. @JeffreyKeefer I’m Mike, I teach English Comp as an adjunct at Ivy Tech Community College. #adjunctchat
  5. As an intro, I #adjunct at New York University and also at Pace University, both here in #nyc #adjunctchat
  6. Right, I teach Research Process and Methodology and also Teaching and Learning in Advanced Practice Nursing #adjunctchat
  7. Today’s topic is Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that path in your role as an adjunct? #adjunctchat
  8. What brings you to #adjunctchat today? What interests you about our topic? #adjunctchat
  9. #adjunctchat I teach first year composition, mostly, at Northern Virginia Community College, in Alexandria, VA.
  10. @JeffreyKeefer I’ve taught here for 2 years. I publish as a grad student, but trying to do research as adjunct too. #adjunctchat
  11. #adjunctchat I’m mostly curious to hear from those who do manage to do research as #adjuncts.
  12. @IshaiBarnoy Welcome! Is that anywhere near VMI? I have a buddy who just started teaching there. #adjunctchat
  13. I am always interested in how people can manage research while also working FT, and teaching as an #adjunct seems a bit of both #adjunctchat
  14. As our topic is Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that path in your role as an adjunct?, let’s begin. #adjunctchat
  15. Q1: Have you published your research or presented it at a conference? #adjunctchat
  16. Well, for me, the question has slowly turned into: What do I really do? I’d like to start doing something! #adjunctchat
  17. Well, for me, the question has slowly turned into: What do I really do? I’d like to start doing something! #adjunctchat
  18. A1: Yes, but again, only as a grad student. Not sure about the IRB process at a community college yet. #adjunctchat
  19. @hoosierphd A1: Have you published or presented or both as a grad student? #adjunctchat
  20. @JeffreyKeefer I have first pub coming out this year and have presented many times. Have not met many fellow adjuncts at conf. #adjunctchat
  21. #adjunctchat As a “Creative” faculty member, I’ve presented a game design at a convention. It was a sobering experience. But it was a start.
  22. A1: You do raise an interesting point about IRB issues, @hoosierphd whether at a community college or a large university #adjunctchat
  23. MT @JeffreyKeefer: Today’s topic is: Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that in your role as an adjunct? #adjunctchat
  24. @IshaiBarnoy Institutional Review Board. It’s the means by which research proposals are reviewed ethically. #adjunctchat
  25. @JeffreyKeefer The feedback from seasoned pros who’ve never even gotten a graduate degree. And yet, they’re brilliant. #adjunctchat
  26. @hoosierphd A: My FT work organization also has an IRB process internally; quite rigorous. #adjunctchat
  27. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Well, I’m assuming. I’ll take it back. Let me see if I can rephrase what I’m trying to say.
  28. I wrote and published, but applying for jobs & grants + Research Assistant jobs got in the way. #adjunctchat
  29. Today’s topic is “Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that path in your role as an adjunct?” #adjunctchat
  30. We are talking about Q1: Have you published your research or presented it at a conference? (Where? What?) #adjunctchat
  31. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Tabletop game design is a thing that is almost exclusively pursued outside the academy.
  32. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Tabletop game design is a thing that is almost exclusively pursued outside the academy.
  33. I guess a question I have is: what would motivate you to do research if you are an #adjunct? Are there any external motivators? #adjunctchat
  34. @katrinafee A1: It does seem a time challenge to publish or write to present at conferences when that does not pay the bills #adjunctchat
  35. @katrinafee Right, I think the balance is something that is tricky to get right. Do you no longer publish? #adjunctchat
  36. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Which, to be honest, doesn’t sound all that different from research for adjuncts. I feel outside the academy.
  37. Let’s move on to Q2: How does this (presenting or publishing) impact your adjunct teaching or appointment? #adjunctchat
  38. @IshaiBarnoy I wonder if “feeling outside the academy” is a condition of being an #adjunct? #adjunctchat
  39. My real question: is it worth publishing for me now I will never get a FT academic job. Is it worth the sweat & tears? #adjunctchat
  40. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat No, no research. Just a new game design. I wonder if it’s okay to expand here to other intellectual work.
  41. @katrinafee: Then instead I discovered killer rescues: the pomodoro technique & cornell method notes:… #adjunctchat
  42. @IshaiBarnoy Why not? We have enough rules everywhere else in life, so we can try to be a little creative here! #adjunctchat
  43. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat I worry that it’s also a box I’ve put myself into. I’m slowly retooling for other things. But it’s … slow.
  44. @katrinafee Love the Pomodoro method! I’m technically on one right now, though… #adjunctchat
  45. @katrinafee That seems like something related to some of our other members here today! #adjunctchat
  46. @katrinafee Right. Is there any institutional reason adjuncts would publish beyond the goal of not being adjuncts? #adjunctchat
  47. Sure they like the fact that I have published, for adjunct teaching, but I don’t need too keep publishing. #adjunctchat
  48. @hoosierphd Sorry I’m late. Research $’s would motivate me or even a trip to a conference. #adjunctchat
  49. Today’s #Adjunctchat topic = Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that path in your role as an adjunct? #adjunctchat
  50. Q2: How does this impact your adjunct teaching or appointment? #adjunctchat
  51. @hoosierphd @katrinafee I found it helped me with my teaching to publish. Forced me to keep up with current issues. #adjunctchat
  52. @katrinafee A2: So publishing is good for the uni, though it does not have any relationship to your appointment or anything? #adjunctchat
  53. @Comprof1 @katrinafee Keeping current is good. Also might improve teaching if your research is on pedagogy. #adjunctchat
  54. @Comprof1 @katrinafee Keeping current is good. Also might improve teaching if your research is on pedagogy. #adjunctchat
  55. @Comprof1 I sometimes think research $ is like the Tooth Fairy or the Dodo (though more the former?) #adjunctchat
  56. @JeffreyKeefer Q2 Doesnt impact appointment at all In fact, hurt me at times (I was publishing w/o Phd but new Phd weren’t pub) #adjunctchat
  57. @hoosierphd @Comprof1 @katrinafee A2: So research or presenting is more personal development than professional adjunct need? #adjunctchat
  58. @hoosierphd @katrinafee A2 Even just process of research which is why I like teaching at uni level. #adjunctchat
  59. .@hoosierphd getting an article out (research, write, submit, rejected, revise etc) for much stress/no pay & no potential hire #adjunctchat
  60. @katrinafee A2: I sometimes wonder if a lack of encouragement for adjuncts to present / publish negatively effects disciplines? #adjunctchat
  61. @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @katrinafee We often talk about TT job as teaching/research/service. Is adjunct job just teach? #adjunctchat
  62. @JeffreyKeefer @hoosierphd @katrinafee A2 Correct. I also feel connected w/ discipline when I publish. #adjunctchat Even allowed to review
  63. Ugh, sorry #adjunctchat folks. Gotta slip out mid chat. Have a good discussion!
  64. @hoosierphd @JeffreyKeefer @katrinafee Should be, but IS NOT! Expected to research & often asked to do service. #adjunctchat. Adjunct = PT
  65. @katrinafee @Comprof1 @hoosierphd I fund most of my own conferences primarily for the intellectual stimulation A2 #adjunctchat
  66. @Comprof1 @hoosierphd Adjunct jobs are just to teach. Research is for extra–so we need to know why we’re doing it. #adjunctchat
  67. It seems that A2: for many of us here today is that presenting or publishing does not impact adjunct teaching or appointments? #adjunctchat
  68. @katrinafee @Comprof1 @hoosierphd Research for personal satisfaction, the discipline, university, or whatever? #adjunctchat
  69. Let’s move on to Q3: Why do you publish or present your research at conferences? #adjunctchat
  70. A3: Seems we are already talking about this, so it is timely. #adjunctchat
  71. @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 @hoosierphd So research is exploitation (req by job unpaid) or an expensive hobby (do it for love)? #adjunctchat
  72. @JeffreyKeefer We are research Uni so even adjuncts expected to research. there are limited funds to do so. #adjunctchat
  73. @Comprof1 #NYU also has an adjunct travel / research fund, though it is rather competitive and readily exhausted IMHO #adjunctchat
  74. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Good point. Always depends on mission of the Uni. I’m adjuncting at comm coll, so teaching focus. #adjunctchat
  75. Today’s #adjunctchat topic is Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that path in your role as an adjunct? #adjunctchat
  76. We are considering Q3: Why do you publish or present your research at conferences? #adjunctchat
  77. @JeffreyKeefer Back to last #adjunctchat have opportunities to partner w/ TT profs. But hard to lead research or get research #
  78. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer BTW… has an idea been floated about #adjunctchat as a subject of research?
  79. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer @hoosierphd That’s great! At my Uni–adjuncts teach so superstar research faculty don’t have to. #adjunctchat
  80. @JeffreyKeefer @katrinafee Our faculty are very active so min 25% of institute research grants to adj are written in contract #adjunctchat
  81. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer But that must take some work to stay connected with the TT faculty, no? #adjunctchat
  82. @JeffreyKeefer @katrinafee You could make argument in research univ that adjunct research helps increase Uni profile #adjunctchat
  83. A3: I do present a couple times a year, and have several articles in process, though I am not sure my uni values that. #adjunctchat
  84. @JeffreyKeefer A3 absolutely not! My research has no impact / expectation. Some research does help you get more teaching. #adjunctchat
  85. @katrinafee @JeffreyKeefer @hoosierphd Mine too. But also a smaller group of long term adjuncts help w/ dept profile #adjunctchat
  86. @Comprof1 @katrinafee I agree that a uni can leverage adjunct research or presenting, though I have not seen it done. #adjunctchat
  87. @katrinafee My research keeps me intellectually stimulated and interested, though I am not sure about tangible benefits A3 #adjunctchat
  88. @hoosierphd @JeffreyKeefer Yes, but in long run can be advantage. We have research consortiums that adjuncts are welcome #adjunctchat
  89. @hoosierphd @JeffreyKeefer They meet once a week and present research. Many adjuncts take lunch break to attend. #adjunctchat
  90. Now may be a fitting time to pull this together with the final Question for today’s #adjunctchat
  91. Q4: Do you plan to continue researching, publishing, or presenting? #adjunctchat
  92. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer In my experience, research groups like that are CRITICAL to actually being productive in research. #adjunctchat
  93. @fabianbanga IF, not when. The trends are that FT is also increasingly like the Tooth Fairy and Dodo as well . . . #adjunctchat
  94. @hoosierphd @JeffreyKeefer Also advantage for TT faculty to find study sites/external partners. #adjunctchat
  95. @hoosierphd That would be an interesting issue to discuss in the future, namely about research groups and adjunct interaction #adjunctchat
  96. @JeffreyKeefer yes approximately // furthermore, many organizations offer grants for adjunct instructors #adjunctchat
  97. A4: I plan to continue presenting and (focus more on) publishing. I feel I have some value to offer my disciplines #adjunctchat
  98. A4: I do plan to keep researching, even if I do not find a TT job. Mainly bc I can incorp w/teaching–I study education. #adjunctchat
  99. @fabianbanga Will have to explore this as well, as I have not seen many (any) grants for adjuncts. #adjunctchat
  100. @fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer but others, like AERA have slowly pushed them out of org w/ policies. #adjunctchat
  101. @JeffreyKeefer I know, I saw this year this: “associate professor position non-tenure” … #adjunctchat
  102. @katrinafee @hoosierphd This is something I wonder about too, since I am not interested in the TT route. #AdjunctChat
  103. @fabianbanga I have seen positions like that with “raises” and such but not one advertized as such. Growth of clinical faculty? #adjunctchat
  104. @fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer Other name is “Clinical associate professor”. Our school has a large contingent of “visiting prof” #adjunctchat
  105. @fabianbanga @literarychica Perhaps we need to share these sorts of resources more, or at least share links to them? #adjunctchat
  106. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer we used to have “tenure lectures” > lecture SOE, many people do not even know what this is today #adjunctchat
  107. Well, our scheduled #adjunctchat is ending, once again too soon to exhaust all the sharing and support! #adjunctchat
  108. @JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Yes, some offer reimbursement. Problem is, sometimes adjuncts don’t have money upfront for conf. #Adjunctchat
  109. A4 I need to have greater breadth of pub so I can maintain credentials in variety of depts #adjunctchat
  110. @JeffreyKeefer Thanks for modding! Doing a great job. I keep a column open on Tweetdeck just for #adjunctchat so I can keep up.
  111. @fabianbanga @literarychica If we don’t support one another, then we all have lost something in the process #adjunctchat
  112. My take away is remembering how important research groups are and how they can support adjunct research, as @Comprof1 noted. #adjunctchat
  113. @fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer Why did they stop? We have a cross dis research group in instructional research. Very helpful. #adjunctchat
  114. @JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga Agreed! Little things can make a difference, like getting information out there for other adjuncts. #AdjunctChat
  115. One take-away from today is explore how to engage with my uni to understand what they value regarding publishing and presenting #adjunctchat
  116. @hoosierphd Also important to keep attending for networking as well as prof dev reasons. #adjunctchat
  117. @hoosierphd Also important to keep attending for networking as well as prof dev reasons. #adjunctchat
  118. It’s always good to know I’m not alone in my questions! Thanks #adjunctchat
  119. Another take-away is to see how I can continue to support others struggling in this area, sort of like #adjunct karma #adjunctchat
  120. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I think many institutions are putting all their resources in research and not in teaching #adjunctchat
  121. @JeffreyKeefer May even be additional resources or you need to present how ur research improves profile of School. #adjunctchat
  122. I am exploring alternate ways of making the archive for this chat available, and have something new to try. #adjunctchat
  123. If anybody knows a robust Twitter archive solution for #adjunctchat Tweets, please let me know. #adjunctchat
  124. A4 Forgot to mention how sometimes need to press the importance of your research & how it helps prestige of univ. #adjunctchat
  125. With all this, does anybody have any other suggestions for our next chat? I will work into a poll for later in the week. #adjunctchat
  126. @fabianbanga @JeffreyKeefer And sometimes has money available (or will find money) if dept is behind you. #adjunctchat
  127. One other question — we have been having #adjunctchat biweekly on Tuesdays at 4:00pm EDT. Is that the best ongoing day / time? #adjunctchat
  128. Thank you all for lots of great questions, resources, and shared ideas. Lots to process today. #adjunctchat
  129. Please know the #adjunctchat tag is open and anybody can read or reply or RT our nuggets. Glad to engage with all you today. #adjunctchat
  130. Please know the #adjunctchat tag is open and anybody can read or reply or RT our nuggets. Glad to engage with all you today. #adjunctchat
  131. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I agree; I am the chair of my dep / we share resources equally among adjunct and tenured faculty #adjunctchat
  132. @JeffreyKeefer Storify is a good archive web service for Twitter. Very easy to use. #adjunctchat
  133. Thank you all; I hope to transition this chat into an ongoing discussion. Who knows how new ideas gain traction! #adjunctchat
  134. @JeffreyKeefer My availability will change come Sept. (teach 3:50-5:30 on Tues). But I can always access later. #adjunctchat
  135. @JeffreyKeefer You’ll only see me if I’m (un)lucky enough to wake at dawn, but I’m in Oz! #adjunctchat
  136. I am off to my other responsibilities, so please reply and share as you see fit. Thank you all! #adjunctchat
  137. @JeffreyKeefer This time works okay with me,but I can’t always make it bc of general busyness. Possible topic: research groups? #adjunctchat
  138. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer I really wish they did. They really don’t. My unique research is why I can’t get a FT job. #adjunctchat

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#AdjunctChat Topic for 7/23

The #AdjunctChat topic for 7/23 at 4:00 is:

Do you publish or present research? How do you navigate that path in your role as an adjunct?

While this was voted for in a poll last week, it is a topic about which I am personally very interested. Looking forward to learning something useful or practical.

I am maintaining a page with more information about our growing #AdjunctChat; all are welcome!

AdjunctChat Transcript from Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#AdjunctChat – Tues, July 9, 4:00pm EDT

#AdjunctChat – Tues, July 9, 4:00pm EDT

The topic is: “What opportunities exist to partner with FT Faculty & Chairs for change, allies, and development?” This is the 5th #AdjunctChat.

  1. Here we are at 4:00pm EDT, and I want to welcome anybody who is here to #adjunctchat
  2. Perhaps it will be useful to see who is here and able to join live in the synchronous discussion? #adjunctchat
  3. Anybody else in the background, reading along, who want to check in? #adjunctchat
  4. Hey. I’ll watch for a bit, I think. Maybe I’ll participate. #adjunctchat
  5. Today’s topic is “What opportunities exist to partner with FT Faculty & Chairs for change, allies, and development?” #adjunctchat
  6. I’m lurking. But am no adjunct, nor really know what it is so didn’t want to join in too actively for now #adjunctchat
  7. The full topic as voted in our poll is “What opportunities are there to partner with FT faculty and leaders/chairs…” #adjunctchat
  8. … to institute change, create allies, and enhance development?” #adjunctchat
  9. @TEBombe Welcome! An adjunct is anybody who teaches in higher education in a non-full time or non-tenure track capacity #adjunctchat
  10. Given our topic for this week, what initial thoughts or ideas does anybody want to share? #adjunctchat
  11. Ooh, that’s a tough one. Chairs seem to commiserate at no end, but to do considerably less, with a number of fair reasons. #adjunctchat
  12. @JeffreyKeefer Present. Related to full topic: How can we get FT to move past lip service in improving adjuncts’ conditions? #adjunctchat
  13. #adjunctchat I think this depends on how much opportunity you have to interact with others in your department. I work days so I get to.
  14. @IshaiBarnoy Agreed Ishai. Of course there isn’t a magic wand to fix things, but I’ve heard little more than commiseration. #adjunctchat
  15. @IshaiBarnoy #adjunctchat Yes. They may want to let you do more than they are able to b/c you may be gone the following semester
  16. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Partly, I’m relating email and in-person communication with my dept chair, generalizing based on that.
  17. I wonder about opportunities exist to partner, and think this may have to do with sharing and awareness and a sense of #WIIFM? #adjunctchat
  18. @JeffreyKeefer Yes. When I worked nights I rarely saw anyone else in my dept. couldn’t interact. #adjunctchat
  19. The kind of commiseration I’ve heard: “I used to work as an adjunct, and in my day… So, I perfectly understand your pain.” #adjunctchat
  20. Interesting initial thoughts about this, suggesting we have some rich experiences to share and perhaps leverage #adjunctchat
  21. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Oh, certainly! Always in a sympathetic way! But also in a tired, “what can I do” sort of way.
  22. @JeffreyKeefer work, although I’ve been asked to do service. Problem w/ service is I don’t get paid for it. #adjunctchat
  23. I’m here. Writing, so shouldn’t join in, but will peek in when I can. I’m FT fac, a dept chair, & want to learn all I can. #adjunctchat
  24. As this chat seems to work more smoothly with some set questions + responses, let’s transition to them to help organization. #adjunctchat
  25. @IshaiBarnoy @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat One way I think chairs can partner is in choice of course or allowing adjunct to create new course
  26. I listed 3 questions earlier with Q1, etc., and then perhaps we can reply with A1 and such to help keep conversations together. #adjunctchat
  27. Q1 Do you partner with FT faculty or chairs / leaders for change, allies, or development? #adjunctchat
  28. @MaryChayko #adjunctchat One thing I haven’t seen from dept chair/fac is advocating for adj when tenured/ft position comes up.
  29. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat I’ve asked for precisely this! But I was denied based on state BOE policy. Felt like personal distrust
  30. @IshaiBarnoy @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat My dept has “special topics” course. This doesn’t require BOE approval.
  31. A1 I find requests for service, though do not think of that as partnering per se. #adjunctchat
  32. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat It’s famously known at my school that “special topics” courses never get enough students to run.
  33. @JeffreyKeefer Q1: Only informally paired, but some have read over a document I helped write about improving PT labor in dept. #adjunctchat
  34. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat double edged sword. Gets your name out there, but then you are doing same work as TT Fac w/ % of pay.
  35. Today’s #AdjunctChat topic is What opportunities exist to partner with FT Faculty & Chairs for change, allies, and development? #adjunctchat
  36. Our first Question – Q1 Do you partner with FT faculty or chairs / leaders for change, allies, or development? #adjunctchat
  37. @ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Q1 Were there reprecussions in dept? When I made noise in dept lost courses.
  38. @IshaiBarnoy @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer They must B promoted vigorously…as when FT and PT fac guest lecture for one another? A1 #adjunctchat
  39. FT at my school are often just “passing through.” Those in my field, though more permanent, are personal & professional loners. #adjunctchat
  40. @Comprof1 @ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Has anyone gotten research opportunities from ft fac? This was helpful for me.
  41. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Received well. I’m unionized & have some protection. We also found something in our bylaws as impetus. #adjunctchat
  42. #adjunctchat @JeffreyKeefer A1 We are finding opportunities to partner, does need someone to drive the programme and organise though
  43. @Comprof1 Agree…this should be the practice and really should happen…or chair should make clear that it won’t, and why. #adjunctchat
  44. @MaryChayko @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Failure to run is built into the system. Most degrees don’t need “special topics” credits. #adjunctchat
  45. @IshaiBarnoy are you proposing that chairs have a kind of condescending attitude to PTs? I may misunderstood you #adjunctchat
  46. @JeffreyKeefer: I do think adjuncts should be compensated for time spent on outside of class projects. #adjunctchat
  47. A1 I wonder if some chairs or departments see partnering as free workers? #adjunctchat
  48. @JozieLocks A1 Do you find it common that adjuncts get paid for works or meetings outside specific contractual teaching? #adjunctchat
  49. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat I don’t think it’s so calculated. Rather pressure from FT fac who will be there longer.
  50. @fabianbanga Difficult to say for sure. Chairs are very diplomatic. Very basically, I’d say yes, condescending. But very nice. #adjunctchat
  51. For those who just joined, our Q1 = Do you partner with FT faculty or chairs / leaders for change, allies, or development? #adjunctchat
  52. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat I was able to write a number of papers w/ FT who had chance to present because they had travel money.
  53. @MaryChayko @comprof Oh, the FT’s are ordinarily given those, at my school, pretty exclusively. #adjunctchat
  54. @IshaiBarnoy We have to think pragmatically; departments are organisms // what can I offer and wt those organism need from me? #adjunctchat
  55. A1 I currently teach in two universities, and find the cultures similar with adjuncts #adjunctchat
  56. Related: Try checking your program/dept bylaws for language about internal promotion. It may help me at GW. Maybe. #adjunctchat
  57. @fabianbanga Of course! I don’t doubt my chair for a minute. He’s a great guy, all about his department. #adjunctchat
  58. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat I find adj treated more as colleagues in unionized unis I’ve taught for. system recognizes limitations.
  59. While we can continue replying to Q1 (by using A1), it may be time to move onto the 2nd of the 3 we gathered for today #adjunctchat
  60. @fabianbanga But maybe that means I’ve somehow been left out of my own department before my chair could help. #adjunctchat
  61. Our second question to chat about and discuss — Q2 Do you have any tales of successful partnerships? #adjunctchat
  62. @ProfessorF74 #adjunctchat Q1 not at my Uni. There is program for internal promotion for PT staff but not faculty. Hoping that will change
  63. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Q2 my current univ allows adjuncts to apply for training grants. I received $1000 grant which goes thru dept.
  64. In response to Q2: One semester, I took over an FT’s class in a themed program. I took it and very subtly made it mine. #adjunctchat
  65. @fabianbanga Twitter chats are sprawling and sometimes confusing even when English is your first language! 🙂 #adjunctchat
  66. @IshaiBarnoy Trying not to be negative, but I met some horrible chairs #adjunctchat
  67. @Comprof1 A2 How does the uni promote this adjunct financial support for travel? #adjunctchat
  68. @IshaiBarnoy A2: Do you mean you started to become the primary instructor for it? #adjunctchat
  69. @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Even if schemes open to adjunct faculty, you have to be employed there long enough to take advantage. #adjunctchat
  70. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Yeah. Then the semester ended, of course, and I was back to “normal.”
  71. @MaryChayko @fabianbanga These can be a challenge to follow. I like the messiness of chats, though many like the Q1 – A1, etc. #adjunctchat
  72. @fabianbanga @IshaiBarnoy #adjunctchat My dept chair is helping me to transition into other dept b/c ta’s will be taking over courses
  73. @melovell @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Not sure what you mean. It was all done “outside the system.” FT in question was also high up in HR.
  74. #adjunctchat Q2 I worked with 2 different fac on research. My idea but they had access to funding. I got credit (but they got funding)
  75. @Comprof1 @fabianbanga #adjunctchat Yikes. Wait, am I reading you right? Are you happy about this? Still … yikes.
  76. We are discussing adjunct partnering with chairs and dept leadership #adjunctchat
  77. @fabianbanga @IshaiBarnoy #adjunctchat International Comm, marketing, writing, online ed, comm, mgmt. Interdisciplinary.
  78. @JeffreyKeefer @fabianbanga I like messy chats too…they’re like a busy noisy room with five cool conversations flying around! #adjunctchat
  79. @Comprof1 @JeffreyKeefer Q2 I’m partnering with English prof on an honors-level Shakespeare program. I teach the FY writing. #adjunctchat
  80. @IshaiBarnoy @fabianbanga #adjunctchat wonder if humanities is more diff b/c core course taught by contract employees.
  81. A2: I see partnering as different from service, and wonder if service = free work while partnering is often not considered? #adjunctchat
  82. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat As visiting prof I helped write dept long term goals document. Felt I had some input. Not same as adjunct
  83. @Comprof1 A2 Interesting that somebody not formally there long term would be asked to write them! #adjunctchat
  84. @fabianbanga #adjunctchat That’s a whole other discussion. But to put it briefly: As an adjunct my solitude is not as secure or comfortable.
  85. Perhaps now may be time to add one final Question, Q3, into the mix as our chat is indeed flying along #adjunctchat
  86. Q3 What goals or vision can we work towards to improve these partnerships? #adjunctchat
  87. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat I had been adjunct for 8 yrs & tenured track fac were new or older fac retiring.
  88. @fabianbanga @IshaiBarnoy Well said Fabian. Maybe we also think about what we (& only we) can offer in terms of OUR interests? #adjunctchat
  89. @fabianbanga #adjunctchat Which is one reason I fear I’ll never be granted tenure: Less effective solitude leads to fewer results.
  90. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Q3 I think we need to advocate internal promotion from adjuncts/visiting profs (vp).
  91. @Comprof1 A3: I always wondered about the notion of adjunct promotion, as promotion without commitment seems odd to me. #adjunctchat
  92. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Q3 our program for pt staff is they get first consideration for certain % of positions. Why not profs
  93. I’m generally not so hopeful about Q3. Partly, I’m just certain that the only proper vision involves institutional changes. #adjunctchat
  94. @JeffreyKeefer Q3 Agree with Virginia on internal promotion–in pragmatic, concrete, actionable ways. Read/revise bylaws. #adjunctchat
  95. A3: I wonder if a goal or vision for uni partnerships can benefit from stronger adjunct connections with work in a discipline? #adjunctchat
  96. @IshaiBarnoy yes, apathy is a problem that exceeds the adj-tenure issue. I saw many rude attitude from PTs > classified staff #adjunctchat
  97. @ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat I’ve taught 10 diff courses in dept so can’t say I don’t have spec they need.
  98. @JeffreyKeefer @Comprof1 Promotion options could just be in place IF needed or desired. Should be certain teaching etc. reqs. #adjunctchat
  99. A3: If adjuncts work in research or practice discipline areas and promote that, can that lead to partnerships? #adjunctchat
  100. @IshaiBarnoy Yes. Institution must value adjuncts or chair’s hands are tied…chairs can help them see why they should, though. #adjunctchat
  101. @Comprof1 @ProfessorF74 Need now, though without FT or tenure, those needs can just as readily change? #adjunctchat
  102. @ProfessorF74 @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Yes but in our dept 4 long term fac (>5yrs) applied & not considered. Said we didn’t have special
  103. Bigger issue related to Q3: How can/should we involve parents in outreach? Ss lose out when being taught by so many PTs. #adjunctchat
  104. @JeffreyKeefer I know the zen thing would be to do good research & expect change to come. But A3 feels like cart before horse. #adjunctchat
  105. @MaryChayko Interesting issue of adjuncts and institutional commitments / direction. Perhaps and area for a future chat? #adjunctchat
  106. @MaryChayko @IshaiBarnoy #adjunctchat Many fac are advocates for adj at my current univ. Important to get them to advocate.
  107. @ProfessorF74 Indeed. The word “terms” and “interest” can neutralize this issue of power and control // @IshaiBarnoy #adjunctchat
  108. As our time is slipping away, does anybody have any tools or resources in this area that others may find useful to share? #adjunctchat
  109. @Comprof1 @MaryChayko @IshaiBarnoy #adjunctchat Other problem is core course/freshman experience courses w/o dept. Need to advocate FT.
  110. @Comprof1 @IshaiBarnoy Yes, FT fac too; ideally interdisciplinary/cross-departmental. #adjunctchat
  111. Does anybody have any final thoughts or take-aways you want to share as a result of today’s #adjunctchat
  112. This is like chess / you as an adjunct have to think, what do I have that my chair needs? #adjunctchat
  113. Yes, one thing: Support my school’s local adjunct advocacy campaign. @AdjunctAdvocacy #adjunctchat
  114. One take-away from me is that the world of adjuncts is more varied than I often think, and discussing this is very eye-opening #adjunctchat
  115. @JeffreyKeefer #adjunctchat Important to network across dept. FT faculty have power to change (to certain degree) conditions for adjuncts.
  116. @JeffreyKeefer Keep trying to make connections with FTs, but temper expectations. Think about what we each can offer dept. #adjunctchat
  117. This has been a very rewarding and active (especially for July!) #adjunctchat
  118. I am trying a new tool for the archive and will share that once I get it downloaded (I hope) #adjunctchat
  119. @ProfessorF74 @fabianbanga @IshaiBarnoy surely the (intended) measurable outcome of your offer is key to forming partnership? #adjunctchat
  120. Well, didn’t get any writing done…but secretly knew that wasn’t gonna happen. A pleasure, #adjunctchat!
  121. A poll will be shared later this week to vote for suggested topics to discuss. #adjunctchat
  122. If anybody has any ideas for future topics, please post them #adjunctchat