About #AdjunctChat

Overview of #AdjunctChat

#AdjunctChat is an online Twitter chat community that seeks to offer support and share resources for adjuncts, part-time instructors, temporary, and non-tenure track faculty in higher education. It uses the Twitter hash tag #AdjunctChat. The tag is available for anybody to use at any time to discuss issues related to adjunct instructors, and a live chat has met every other Tuesday (or recently Thursday) at 4:00pm EDT. Some people find it useful to use the Twubs or tchat.io site to follow this discussion when it occurs.

More information about #AdjunctChat is available on its WordPress page.


This will be the format we will try to follow for this chat:

  • Announce the chat topic
  • Welcome and Introductions (who, where and what you adjunct)
  • Ask questions / responses — Q1: / A1: , Q2 / A2: , etc.
  • Closure / take-aways / next steps
  • Announce the next chat date and time
  • Invite topic suggestions for the next chat’s poll

AdjunctChat Archives:

The archives are now available on its WordPress page as well.

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