Cyber Monday, or World AIDS Day?

Are you aware that today is Cyber Monday, the Monday immediately after Black Friday? The annual online shopping event is now 3 years old, and is all over the media this morning.

Are you aware that today is World AIDS Day, December 1? The annual day of activism and remembrance is now 20 years old, and reminds us that 2.7 million people get infected with HIV each year.

Odd how I am hearing a lot about the shopping day, and less about the disease day.

Wonder what the priorities are, and should that be the order? Can these two memorials influence one another? Should they? Can one help the other? Is one more important depending on one’s field or profession or life experiences or relationships?  Are they about life? Death? The Past? Present? Future?

I suppose I even wonder if either makes a difference at all?

cyber mondayworld aids day