Twitter’s Business Model

So, a session on Twitter’s business model. There is no idea what this is, so it may be an interesting discussion.

Twitter seems to be focusing on their traction. Andrew Parker is the presenter, or discussant. He did not introduce himself, so I asked.

He is starting to speak about different kinds of business models, such as generic and native business models. People are speaking about service charges for sending and receiving sms text messages.

I have no idea where this discussion is going. I will give it 3 more minutes before I change to another session.

Traction can precede a business model, and while Biz Stone has gone on record claiming that Twitter does not have a business model and is only working on traction, they have still gained funding. Twitter has a huge data set, and there was some discussion about what to do with this set of data.

Should Twitter be creating bots (such as weather), or should they continue to allow others to create these based on the Twitter data source? How about bots that bring data into Twitter?

How about if Twitter started adding ads, like Facebook has done? Facebook started this after the critical mass, and perhaps that is what Twitter is doing? Perhaps also they can have an ad every 20 Tweets or so, and then charge a few dollars a month.

I wonder if that would make people move to another service, as the next shiny object! Interesting how the different ways people access Twitter shows different business models.