AHRD 2009 Call for Papers

If the ASTD 2009 call for papers were not enough, the call for papers for AHRD (Academy of Human Resource Development) 2009 is also online and available. AHRD is one of my main professional organizations, and I was not able to attend it this year. The major change? Longer full papers can be submitted as well as Refereed Presentations and Scholar-Practitioner Presentations.

I am interested in doing some research and submitting it, though I have to narrow down my ideas!

BTW, the submission dates for AHRD is August 25, 2008 and the one for ASTD is July 15, 2008.

Appointed to the ADHR Editorial Board

Advances in Developing Human ResourcesI just received news that I have been appointed to the Editorial Board of Advances in Developing Human Resources (ADHR), a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Academy of Human Resource Development and Sage Publications.

As a research-to-practice, or evidence-based practice, journal, it is scholarly and research-driven, with an aim toward researching areas and meeting the needs of practitioners.

As a peer-reviewed journal, ADHR:

focuses on the issues that help you work more effectively in human resource development. The journal spans the realms of performance, learning, and integrity within an organizational context. Balancing theory and practice, each issue of the journal is devoted to a different topic central to the development of human resources. Advances has covered subjects as wide-ranging and vital as performance improvement, action learning, on-the-job training, informal learning, how HRD relates to the new global economy, leadership, and the philosophical foundations of HRD practice.

I look forward to my three year appointment serving my professional colleagues and my field.