Create Icon .ico Files

icofxWe decided that we are going to publish the eLearning modules I have been building as .exe files, so thought it would be nice to have the organzational logo as the icon by the file name. I always thought this happened by taking an image and giving it an .ico extension. Not!

Instead, I had to use an icon generation program, IcoFX (which is free, btw). I never knew that Adobe Captivate 4 only read icon files that are single files with 10 bundled-sized smaller images in them–that is what an icon or .ico file really is!

I have a lot of research I really need to attend to . . .

eLearning with Adobe Captivate 4

While I often use my blog to discuss research projects related to my doctoral studies or related conference / publication work, one aspects of my professional involvement may come as a surprise to some. I work as a project manager and instructional designer, though I also increasingly engage in eLearning.

captivate 4eLearning and I have a mixed relationship, as often I find it either too involved or not involved enough. As I am currently finishing a short piece on critical thinking–Critical Thinking and the Information You Need. With the purpose of the module being an introduction to critical thinking for doctoral students, I am building this with Adobe Captivate 4 and will publish this as an executable file, so to avoid the possible technical issues that arise with various versions of Flash player. 

It is a lot easier to engage in eLearning when it is a topic I am interested in, that is for certain!