Beth Kantor Wins America’s Giving Challenge

Beth Kantor, who blogged and Tweeted incessantly to raise awareness and donations for the America’s Giving Challenge on behalf of poverty among Cambodian children, helped to bring a win for the Global Cause Champion.

I think Beth has taught a lesson here. She worked tirelessly for this cause, and in the process raised many small donations that in turn made a larger financial impact. She did this electronically, using the power of social media and new technology to help fight a very physical problem in a land so distant that many could easily overlook it as “out of sight, out of mind.”

Technology can certainly be used to help those who do not have access to it, and I think global giving and social awareness will only increase as successes like this provide evidence. Who would have thought, in the early days of the Internet, that social responsibility itself could be furthered through such electronic means?

Blogging from the Airport

I wonder why airports, which are generally public institutions, still charge for wireless Internet access? I suppose it is still not seen as part of the public good to have such access.

It is nice that British Airways at terminal 7 allows for broadband, but not a person in the terminal was using this “complementary” access. After all, who carries around the wires to plug-in anymore?

Terminal 7 Internet Access, JFK

Given that I am typing this and will publish it to the Web once I DO have wireless access again (without paying a full day for it though I am only here for less than an hour), I will maintain the original date and time of this post.

Renaming Global Warming

Do you think the terminology of “global warming” is not strong enough of a term to demonstrate how serious the changes in the climate? I have referred to this as global climactic change, and the NY Times is now discussing this term and whether (no pun intended) something else is more fitting a term.

Take a look at their article and add you voice:

Scientists and pitchmen press for a more effective name for “global warming.” Renaming Global Warming, by ANDREW C. REVKIN
Mon, 18 Feb 2008 15:03:09 GMT

Elephant Nature Foundation Has RSS Feeds

Elephant Nature Foundation, the organization in Thailand that I am very fond of (and where I have fostered 2 elephants – Max and Tong Jan) has just started using RSS feeds on their News page. I am very happy that I can now keep more on top of their news stories by having my newsreader check their website every day for updates.

What a simple and free way to get their message out even faster; I think all non-profits and charitable instututions online should use RSS feeds. I hope they begin to advertise this, since there is no indication on their site this now works. I only found it since I was browsing their site with my newsreader, FeedDemon.

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I Fostered a Baby Elephant, Tong Jan

Tong JanYesterday was Blogger’s Unite, a day to do something good for some aspect of society. With so much need in the world, I was not really sure where to start, so I decided to start with a baby elephant, Tong Jan.  

Tong Jan Foster CertificateI fostered her after reading her sad story before she came to Elephant Nature Park, and after learning how she was rescued when she was three months old. As  life-long lover of elephants, I always wondered at them from afar. They seemed magical and majestic, yet after digging a little further (and previously fostering another elephant, Max), I learned that elephants can be particularly needy and savagely abused. Their size can certainly hide their amount of mistreatment.

I did not plan to foster another elephant before the holidays, but it was the challenge of Blogger’s Unite that got me to consider doing something, even minor, to help make the world a better place.