When community is not community: A #clPoem for #CLmooc

alone_cat_tracksHave you ever had the experience of trying to join a community but somehow, something or someone or some time or another  just does not allow it to work out? Some experiences this past week inspired me to this poem, again in the spirit of Making via Continue readingWhen community is not community: A #clPoem for #CLmooc

Make Cycle One: My UnIntroduction

stone_inuksukWe are finally up to our First Make Cycle in #CLmooc!

With this challenge, I will again reply with a poem, (following what I did here and here), maintaining my own response to Continue readingMake Cycle One: My UnIntroduction

This here is my first poem in years

pencil_graph_paperWhile still waiting for the first #CLmooc Make Cycle, I am trying a little making of my own. As I said in my Connected Learning as Poetry post last week, I will explore making poetry over the next couple of weeks.

So, here Continue readingThis here is my first poem in years

Connected Learning as Poetry

Walt WhitmanI am intrigued by yet one more #ConnectedLearning Mooc, this time a somewhat threatening one known as #CLmooc: the Connected Learning MOOC. Ironic that as I sit here working on this post,  just shared a Tweet with a reference to a related poem. Small world.

While those who want to control education, open and interactive moocs may indeed be threatening experiences, yet this one is different — it is threatening because it is envision on a connected, maker model. It is described as:

a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience open to anyone interested in making, playing, and learning together about the educational framework known as Connected Learning

Its threat is because Continue readingConnected Learning as Poetry