What the . . . #western106?!

#Western106I have been successful for years avoiding the open, creative, unruly, unending lifestyle that is Digital Storytelling. To be #ds106 again . . .

But, no more.

I was sucked into it in a most unlikely way, one that even now I do not fully understand. Focusing on a campy retelling of all that is worst about the notion of the wild west, though through a strangely open and engaging digital future based on it, makes the current incarnation of this global post-mooc course into a #Western106 hybrid. One that I cannot grok, though one that still calls to me like a Siren to a sailor.

Suffice to say, I really do not have the time for such open professional development, but more importantly, I dare not miss it, either.

While there are lots of ways into (and out of) this #western106 thingy, I find the best place to enter is here, at the beginning, in Unit 1. Don’t let the “Unit 1” scare you, this is more informal, yet highly prepared, than either of us can imagine.

Onward and Westward we go.

4 thoughts on “What the . . . #western106?!

  1. There’s the beauty and conundrum of open learning … come as you need, leave as you choose, participate as inspired, avoid as necessary … the choice to engage is always yours (not withstanding the gentle but persistent invitations of friends)

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