My Work at the Lancs Research Seminar on 21 March

Ready or not, I am presenting my doctoral research (in progress) at the Lancaster University Department of Educational Research Research Seminar on March 21. As if publicly speaking about and getting feedback about my research in progress were not enough, it will be the first time this is done remotely (I will present from New York City via webinar, while participants will gather in a conference room on campus as regular).

Let’s hope for smooth connections all around!

This has me a little anxious, of course, as we are recording this and making it available on the website, though I think the biggest deal is that it is the first time I will speak about my work holistically, as opposed to the bits and pieces that happens via Twitter and when speaking with colleagues. I am really looking forward to this opportunity, and will hope to get some helpful (and not too harsh) feedback at the same time! More about this over the coming week.