Track the Literature Review Process in a Method of Inquiry Table

Have you ever worked on a literature review, going from database to database, repeating some searches while forgetting to try additional keywords in some of them when you think of them at a later point in your review? This is the reason I recently Tweeted about a Method of Inquiry Table. This tool, which can be adjusted as needed based on the research, is a simple table that allows you to track databases, keywords, and results. To help remain focused, it has a space for the research purpose and questions.

Seems like such a simple tool, though before I started using one, I always duplicated my efforts while forgetting things along the way.

I uploaded the tool I use here for anybody who may want to use or improve upon it.

5 thoughts on “Track the Literature Review Process in a Method of Inquiry Table

  1. Nice tool, I saved it for future use. I’ve done much the same thing in the past but with less format…mostly I make notes in my Circa notebook. This will make a great teaching tool.

    1. Lois, thank you for the feedback. Will be interested in your response as you use this with your students to help them organize themselves!


  2. hi Jeffrey, thanks for this … most useful! Am using to keep control of where i’m going in my literature search. Got the recommendation from another student in my cohort (4). Thanks a million! ruth

  3. hi Jeffrey , I adapted it for my own assignment which went in on Monday, and added a column for ‘filters’ which I used in subsequent searches of the same database, to narrow down the numbers. I’ve have used your site in my reference list by the way! This is a most useful resource indeed! thanks again, ruth

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