Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, and Attribution

e-Research is the distributed and collaborative use of digital tools and data in the production of scientific knowledge. Interesting definition; wonder who developed it? Some really interesting researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute. Eric T. Meyer, Ralph Schroeder, and Lucy Power.

Discussion of accessing files from Friendfeed, specifically about Friendfeed groups that can be highly specific. Seems like a powerful opportunity to develop a communication network.

I want their work around e-Research; was told it was online (search for Eric T. Meyer).

Christiano Orsi Pio (originally was from Brazil) is now speaking about Corporate portals as tools for information sharing within organizations. Hmm, I have used many a corporate portal, and while some are fantasic, those are among the more expensive ones. Interesting  that his research showed more struggles with small organizational adoption than large ones using portals.

Roger Altizer from Entertainment Arts and Engineering at the University of Utah (the Master Games Studio) is speaking on Sustaining Participation through citation, or gaming attribution. My first game-based presentation I have attended. Struggling to keep up with aspects (names, companies, etc.). Well, as there were so many presentations at ir11 about games, glad I have finally been able to make at least one of them.

When Internet is not Sustainable Platform for Knowledge Sharing: The (Rise and) Fall of Google Lively is the final paper in the session by Isto Huvila. I have heard of this, though never saw it before the screenshot that Isto just showed. Interesting research around how a virtual world chat space ended and what the fans and users did, at first to protest and then beg and finally to move to other locations.