Tweeting it Out: Twitter and Sociality

Quite fitting that there is a session on Twitter here at AoIR, even given the number of Tweets coming from #ir11.

Axel Maireder is speaking now about Twitter for transnational public discourses in Europe. Quite interesting how much research is now being done using Twitter, and how it is much more of just a microblogging medium. Hmm, I think I told people this a few years ago when I first started to tweet. I think I need to read his paper, as I am struggling to understand how he is using some of hisĀ  termsĀ  (demos, public sphere). I do like his use of slides. Large text, blocks of color, and not too many (or any) bullet lists.

Musing about the variety of presentation skills I have seen here at the conference. Perhaps conference organizers can suggest guidelines for providing slide development and presentation guidelines. The first presentation has a wonderful slide deck. Large block type, few words, solid color backgrounds, etc. Perhaps I am focused on this as I teach management communication, and perhaps because I get paid for learning design, but there is such value in having good presentation skills to convey the many valuable messages that people have to share.

David Houghton is now presenting on Linguistic markers to self-disclosure of sensitive information on Twitter. Humorous Tweets are being shared with the question about linguistic differences on how people disclose things about themselves. Nice considerations of privacy issues.

Privacy and social networks, around informational or accessibility privacy. Juicy. Makes me think about identity development (yet again, how do I define myself or present myself usuig Twitter). Hmm, a reference for an online service, Secret Tweet. Have to explore that a bit.

Interesting linguistic markers. I wonder how these were developed? Yes, more papers I want to read. Wonder what is leading to David’s passion in this area?

Just heard about a cool website that everybody but me seems to know about,

Interesting session by Theo Plothe about Twitter feeds with NFL players. What a novel idea to bring various passions and interests together into novel research streams. I am struggling to follow some of the football references (surprised?), but really like to hear the down and dirty of the research methods used in this research. Really good model for presenting — engaging, examples, clear methods, research questions, and such.

I had no idea so many NFL players use Twitter in strategic ways. Interesting insight.

It is clear that Twitter research will increase, as the limited research that has already been done raises all sorts of new issues.

Sweet reference to Marcuse in a question about repressive tolerance.

I am beginning to think about liveblogging more directly through Twitter rather than here. Hmm, wonder if I should consider that for the next session?

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  1. Liveblogging through Twitter tends to wind up you friends who aren’t at the conference. Their twitter stream becomes overfull of your coments, and it unbalances their reading experience.

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