Internet Research 11 — Conference Opening

Feels nice to do some liveblogging again, as I have not attended a conference in several months now. Here in Gothenburg, Sweden, we are finally beginning the AoIR (Association of Internet Researchers) conference IR 11 (Internet Research 11). Odd title, as we are still in 2010, but the 11 refers to the number of this conference, not to the date. Nice to be iconoclastic, such as the field itself.

The location here at Chalmers University is a wonderful setting.

The introduction to the conference is beginning. What happened to the microphone? Ahh, there it is.

Interesting comments on the role of the Internet on sustainability, which is one of the themes of the conference. I wonder when these sorts of conference will be streamed online to make them even more sustainable, but as several people commented yesterday, one of the greatest values of these conferences is the face-time, the socializing, and the community that gathers around the central theme that unites us all together.

Oops, the speaker just welcomed us to  Copenhagen (where the conference was a few years back), though the organizer afterward reminded us all that we are indeed in Gothenburg.

The opening session is not very widely¬† attended. Too bad, as I find these things so very valuable to formally begin a conference. For me, these openings help to set the tone, get me focused on the conference theme (which is often not carried throughout many conferences; note to self–make sure this is mentioned in some way in my paper presentation on Saturday morning at 10:20). Most people are sitting in the back of this lovely presentation hall; feels a little like church).

I wonder why there is already a coffee break, now just after the opening. Well, time for the socializing.

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