Evernote: More Than a To-Do List?

I am trying out Evernote, the online note-taking and organizing software application that has been available for some time, but I am only now beginning to explore. It does seem a lot more powerful than I initially thought, as I was just thinking about it as an online to-do list and did not know I can save voice, webpage parts, or even upload images.

While I am using a version of this that I installed on my Mac, I struggled with downloading the BlackBerry version of this, since there is a coding problem on BlackBerry App World. Evernote sent me the current direct link, which is here if you also happen to use a BlackBerry Tour on Verizon. Seems they just fixed the link on the BlackBerry page, though I am glad that after reporting this problem, Evernote sent it to me directly.Kudos for Evernote Customer Service.

While I have a suspicion that this application does a lot more than give me a place to store my shopping lists per store, I do not seem to be terribly creative with online applications. I am wondering how others use this to help make things more efficient?

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  1. I’ve recently adopted Evernote as part of my current research. It’s particularly useful for my participants to record online activities on sites that I may not be observing (such as them commenting on a blog I don’t follow). Setting up the sharing link is easily done through e-mail and the shared content remains confidential.

      1. Early days yet – just one of several methods of ‘self-reporting’ of online activities I am exploring. The participants have had no problems setting up the shared links (I provided a “How to’ guide), and some are happy to be exploring a new tool.

    1. @robin yap

      I tried One Note a few years ago, and just could not get into it. Now I am trying Evernote, I like that I can add to it from my computer (a downloaded app) and then check it on its app on my BlackBerry and then edit it via any browser. Thus far I am only using this as a shopping list.

      Will let you know what I find . . .


  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    I use Evernote now for about a year. As a consultant and webworker it is great to have your notes accessible everywhere.
    Also, not only for your work, but also for private stuff. For example scanned invoices from stuff you bought, pictures of your household for insurrance matters, scanned articles you should read one day, wishlists for family members, …

    kind regards,

  3. @Nico Joos

    Thank you for the suggestions. I suppose I find using purely free cloud-based applications a challenge, in case they suddenly go away or otherwise make completely relying on their services a challenge.

    You have inspired me to consider these issues in a broader way, and I will have to explore how to organize all this online.


  4. I have been using EverNote mainly like a huge notebook. Haven’t used @myEN much but I have seen others on Twitter use it a lot. Need to follow http://twitter.com/myen and more instructions there if you want to try adding notes via twitter.

    1. @wlonline

      Thank you again for the suggestion. We are beginning to explore Evernote in one of the project management communities of practice I follow, and will let you know what else I find.

      I like the idea of a huge, online notebook as well . . .


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