“Faculty Support” Research Progress #1

There have been so many wonderful people who have offered me suggestions to strengthen my research project, Faculty Support: Doctoral Students, Threshold Concepts, and Technology Enhanced Learning, as well as people who have expressed interest in being interviewed for my work.

For my first status update, I have completed my first interview, and am in the process of scheduling the next two (I am working with 3 people right now to confirm dates for within the next week). I hope at least 2 of these 3 people will confirm.

Logistically, I plan to use MAXQDA to navigate my transcription notes, once I finish doing the transcriptions (which I am doing myself this time).  The new version of this software was just released in March, and after seeing the demo while at ICQI, I am eager to try it. If there can be a user-friendly qualitative data analysis (QDA) software with pleasing colors and a clean interface, then this is it. Will give an update once I really get going with it.

Wonder what learning this project will lead to (and not to mention next steps!).