The Refining (Potential) Research Design

I have been thinking about issues in and around identity development so much in the past few days, that I fear I may begin to hear voices that are really there due to their speaking themselves into being!

Where am I right now? Mind you, this is something to present to my cohort colleagues and program tutors, and I am not bound to this for all eternity (or even for the week, as I do not need to actually declare this until next year).

Interests and Context:

I am interested in understanding how developing researchers  in the social sciences experience, process, and share troublesome knowledge via social media, and how it has led them to experience perspective transformation.


I am not sure about the methodology yet. I like the possibilities of narrative inquiry to tell an engaging stoy, but I think I should wait until I attend a workshop on grounded theory that I am scheduled to attend in late May before I really settle on the specific methodologies. The population I hope to study can be in any of the areas of the social sciences (education, technology-enhanced learning, nursing, sociology, and the like), and I will identify this population by advertising on email distribution lists and several email blasts to friends and colleagues.

Let me consider this a little more in the morning.